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Leigh Holtsbaum

Name – Pos (Leigh Holtsbaum)

Location – Southport -Gold Coast

Instagram User Name – leighholtsbaum

Favourite Fishing Outfit – Precision 8kg Rod/Tiagra 16 loaded with 8kg Stren.

Three Favourite Fish to Chase- Marlin (any), Jewfish, Snapper

Favourite Style Of Fishing – Switch-baiting for Marlin

Dream Fishing Destination  – So many but atm, the Kimberley where you can catch Barra and Jacks in the creek, Trout and Reds on the reef, Black Marlin and Sailfish trolling open water.

Anyone You Would Like to Thank – My grandfather, Beven Dean, boys on Gameday, Mike Blenkins, Daz, Mikey and the FNG Crew .

Mick Newell

Roads and Maritime Services NSW

Burringbar NSW

What got you into fishing:
Going fishing with the family when I was a little tacker really got me hooked and I’ve never looked back.

Favourite style of fishing:
Bottom fishing and float lining because of the variety of fish you can catch while using these methods and the hard fighting abilities of these same fish, and there’s nothing like hearing the bait runner scream off while float lining.

Favourite species:
Snapper and Jewies for there hard runs and never give up attitude and the many different ways to target them.

Favourite fishing destination:
Brunswick Heads which is my local hunting ground because you get a good variety of species and its not heavily fished due to it treacherous Bar. Also there is nothing like launching the boat of the beach at Fraser to chase a few Reds.

Dream destination:
Would have to be the Coral Sea chasing GT’s, Dogtooth and monster Trout on surface lures.

Greatest fishing achievement:
Was landing my first beach Jew which is a day that I will always remember.

Thank you To all the good mates that I have made through fishing you know who you are and thanks Mikey and Chrissy for letting me be a part of the Finding New Ground family.

Darren Heck


Small Business Owner – Green Earth Property Solutions


Cornubia,  South East Queensland

What got you into fishing:

My dad took me fishing, but since I was a really little boy, I had the desire to fish all day long.  I loved reading and learning all I could about the art of fishing, fish species – anything fish related at all.  Most of my early days fishing were spent in the Nerang river, Northern NSW around Pottsville and Moreton Bay.  At the age of 16 I started work experience at Gold Coast Fishing Tackle which is where my passion soon became an obsession of sorts.

Favourite style of fishing:

I’ve always loved fishing with poppers.  I started fishing the creeks 25 years ago, with small poppers chasing flathead and whiting.  And now there is nothing better than having a large pelagic taking a popper off the surface – any species, I’m not fussy, all are great fun.  If I had to pick just one, it would have to be a giant trevally as not much else pulls harder.

That being said, It is very hard to pick just on one style as I enjoy anything from fly fishing creeks to live baiting.

After starting my own family recently, I can’t wait to start over again, teaching the twins everything I know in all styles of fishing.

Favourite fishing Destination:

From the day I got my vehicle license, I would always travel the whole east coast of Queensland fishing.  One place that had me going back time and time again were some creeks and billabongs on private properties in the Ingham area of North Queensland.   I’d catch large Barra there, as well as Mangrove Jack, Tarpon, Queenfish and always a good feed of mud crabs.

Dream destination:

There is not enough room on this page for this list.  PNG – black bass.  I think the adventure of such a remote destination would take the fishing experience to a whole new level for me.

Greatest fishing achievement:

Although it seemed impossible at first, my greatest fishing achievement was mentoring a young Leigh Holtsbaum to catch his first Jewfish.  After seeing him sulk up the front of his boat after being defeated after many sessions, it was great to see him finally catch one.

Jokes aside, I’ve never been one to participate in competitions.  I have really enjoyed being a mentor to those with a passion for fishing and helping them achieve their own fishing goals in catching their biggest fish.  One of my most memorable fish was a 28 kg Spanish mackerel which was caught on the pipeline of the Gold Coast Seaway in the middle of the day, in a 12foot tinny with a flurry of boats and jet skiers around.

Any people you would to thank:

I’d like to thank Mark Upton who is a fishing legend.  He took me under his wing and taught me everything from lure making, rod building to fishing techniques.  I am so lucky to have been handed down his knowledge of this skill.  I’d also like to thank Mike Blenkins and the whole team at Gold Coast Fishing Tackle for the great times and the ongoing relationships we share, just like family.

Brett Amos

Name – Brett Amos

Location – Airlie Beach QLD

Instagram User Name – waterline_fishin_spearing

Favourite Fishing Outfit – samurai xtractor xt-pop80 rod with a diawa 4500 saltist for reef flats or tairyo 50-100lbs pop rod with diawa experdition 8000 for GT’S

Three Favourite Fish to Chase- GT, Coral Trout, Red Emperor /Nanygui

Favourite Style Of Fishing – Reef flats and reef edge, throwing poppers/stick baits/lures. But at the end of the day I’m happy just being on the water!

Dream Fishing Destination – Outer reefs such as swains reef or Bugatti reef

Anyone You Would Like to Thank – Good friends Ben McIntosh & Luke Willoughby for encouraging me to pursue something further in the sport that I love.

Massive thanks to Michael for the opportunity that he has given me to be part of the Finding New Ground journey.

Mikey Carter

Name – Michael (Mikey) Carter

Location – Macksville, NSW

Instagram User Account – Versatilefisherman

Favourite Fishing Outfit – Savage gear Stealth 300sb on a Black Savage BC 15-20lb

Three Favourite Fish To Chase -Murray Cod, Flathead and Kingfish

Favourite Style Of Fishing – Would have to be throwing surface lures or swimbaits.  Most fish will eat both, or at least one of them.

Dream Fishing Destination – Would either have to be PNG chasing Black Bass and Big Barra or chasing big Doggies in Vanuatu!

Anyone You Would Like to Thank – I would to like to thank Mikey and Chrissy for the opportunity and support they give me.  To my partner for letting me fish as much as I do, and to my family and friends that fish with me and support me.  Life’s to short to be sitting around wondering what could happened.  Get out there and make it happen.

Sam Wilson

Name – Sam Wilson

Location – Weipa, QLD

Instagram User Account – samwilsonn_

Favourite Fishing Outfit – Sustain 4000, St Croix 6’6″ medium heavy

Three Favourite Fish To Chase -Barra, Jewys and Threadys

Favourite Style Of Fishing – Would definitely be sight casting Barra on topwater (night time) and flicking plastics and hardbodies among structure.

Dream Fishing Destination – I have two dream fishing destination, I’d love to go the Great Barrier Reef jigging and popping for big GT’s, Mackerel, Tuna and other hard fighting pelagic species.  Also jigging for reefies such as Coral Trout, Red Emperor, Nannygui etc.  and HeliFishing in the NT of big Barra.

Anyone You Would Like to Thank – I really want to thank Mikey and FNG for the awesome opportunity that he has given me, I would also like to thank my mum for trusting me to go fishing with my mates at many different spots whether its day time or night time.

Nick Dillon

Name – Nick Dillon

Location – Pottsville, NSW

Instagram User Account – boss_fishing_co

Favourite Fishing Outfit –

Three Favourite Fish To Chase -Kings and Snapper

Favourite Style Of Fishing – I love jigging for large model Kings and Snapper also chasing Billfish.  From when you find the fish on the sounder to that first hookup when you know they are chewing the feeling can’t be matched.

Dream Fishing Destination – I recently travelled to PNG and so far it’s the best place I have fished, the quality of fish and the remoteness blew my mind.  I’ll be back that way soon to improve on a few GT and Dogtooth.

Anyone You Would Like to Thank – Thanks to my old man for constantly showing me from a young age how to catch a feed and chase your dream, also everyone I have fished with or gained fishing tips from.  Mikey and Chrissy I’m stoked to be a part of the FNG crew thank you.

Ben Mcintosh

Name – Ben Mcintosh

Location – Airlie Beach

Instagram User Account – Saltaddiction_fishing

Favourite Fishing Outfit – Shimano game type j pe 2 overhead jig rod with 13 fish concept a3 reel.

Three Favourite Fish To Chase -Giant Trivially, Coral Trout and Red Emperor

Favourite Style Of Fishing – Top water.

Dream Fishing Destination – Madagascar

Anyone You Would Like to Thank – Mainly would like to thank my wife for putting up with me and letting me go fishing all the time.

Jackson Haussler

Name – Jackson Haussler

Location – Inverell, NSW

Instagram User Account – jacksonhausslerfishing

Favourite Fishing Outfit – 6’8 Bone Fishing Combat Beast matched with Ryoga 1520HL with custom handles.

Three Favourite Fish To Chase Murray Cod, Golden Perch and Redfin.

Favourite Style Of Fishing – Subsurface to surface whatever is working for me.

Dream Fishing Destination – I’d love to go chase some monster Murray Cod down with in the Murray River.

Anyone You Would Like to Thank – I’d like to thank Mick from FNG and James for Cod Lures for supporting my addiction with the best quality fishing apparel and the beast chatter baits on the market.  It makes things a lot easier using and wearing the best gear.  Fishing with confidence is the key!